We were students first. We understand the process. We also understand what it takes. We walk our talk.

If someone tells you that they understand what you are going through and they know from experience the path is not easy yet success is attainable, wouldn’t you want to know what they know?
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We have overcome the situations that caused our poor credit.
We have learned there is no situation that needs to be feared or does not have a resolution.
We sought out professional credit education after we had exhausted all we knew how to do.
We have felt the humiliation and embarrassment you might now be feeling.
We know how great freedom feels that comes with excellent credit.
We know what it feels like to answer every phone calls without fear, including the ones that say ‘blocked caller ID’.
We know what it feels like to face life’s emergencies with available lines of credit.
We know that all choices are available to us once again.

This one thing validates your journey.  Living Better 101 was founded because of the experience and successes of our founders.  Who better to help you than someone who has ‘Been there, done that’?

Because freedom isn’t about having more money, it’s about having choices so you may ‘LIVE BETTER’!